ConforMIS Knee-Implant Results Accepted for Publication by Journal of Arthroplasty

ConforMIS’s (CFMS) results of its in vivo clinical study comparing the motion patterns of patients with its ConforMIS iTotal CR implant versus patients with a traditional total knee implant has been accepted by The Journal of Arthroplasty for publication.

In the study, researchers at the University of Tennessee’s Center for Musculoskeletal Research assessed the kinematics of 38 patients (24 patients with a ConforMIS iTotal CR implant and 14 patients with a leading off-the-shelf implant) all implanted by the same surgeon. Researchers were able to analyze motion patterns of the knee, and to evaluate each patient for weight-bearing range-of-motion, femorotibial translation, femorotibial axial rotation, and condylar liftoff during a weight bearing deep knee bend and a rise from a seated position.

The study demonstrated that ConforMIS iTotal CR patients exhibited motion patterns that were more consistent with the normal knee than the patients that had received traditional off-the-shelf implants.

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