Fijian workers felt like slaves in Samoa

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Fiji‘s National Employment Centre is warning domestic workers wanting to travel overseas to seek advice on their contracts first after a case of two women working in slave-like conditions in Samoa.

The two young women told the Fiji Sun they were lured by nannying jobs in Samoa‘s hotel industry but ended up cleaning and cooking around the clock in what they called slave-like conditions without a proper contract or job description.

Fiji‘s Employment Centre Manager, Seruwai Bavai, says housemaids and nannies are particularly vulnerable to work exploitation and anyone wanting to work overseas is advised to liaise with the centre to check the terms and conditions of their contract before leaving the country.

One of the women says she was saddened to see a lot of Fijians working in Samoa in poor conditions but they were too scared to speak out as they are desperate for money.

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