PNG police lock up fighting students over the weekend

The 132 students were locked up over the weekend for “carrying offensive weapons in public”.

The fight between male students of the Badihagwa Secondary School and KilaKila Secondary School happened last week.

PNG Police personnel are among the personnel tasked with ensuring a secure election who are under-resourced and in many cases have not been paid regularly for months Photo: RNZI Johnny Blades

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N‘Dranou condemned what the students did.

He said they were carrying knives, screw drivers and sling shots.

However Mr N‘Dranou said he has told the students to come up with a solution and police would attend any peace talks arranged by them.

He said jailing the 132 students was meant to be a lesson to other schools.

Mr N‘Dranou said police will arrest students “who want to be heroes in public”.

The National newspaper alleges that the fight started when a female student from Badihagwa took a shot of four female students wearing the KilaKila school uniform and posted it on Facebook with the caption, “Proud Badians chasing KilaKila‘s at home ground”.

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