Scorching Stock Touches New Recent High: Insteel Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:IIIN)

Insteel Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:IIIN) shares have noticed a steady move higher, reaching $42.51 after a recent check. This push has investors and analysts taking another look at the stock. Owners of the stock are looking at a Return on Investment (ROI) of 16.70%.  Return on Investment is a measurement used to calculate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of different investments.  ROI is calculated by dividing the benefit, or return, of an investment by the cost of the investment. 

Recent Performance, Previous Highs/Lows

Let’s look at how the stock has been performing recently. Up to and including the current high, this year, Insteel Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:IIIN)‘s stock has moved 103.84%.  The performance for the past week was 24.99%.  This past month, Insteel Industries, Inc.’s stock is trading 62.62%, 22.48% over the last quarter, 56.88% for the past half-year and 75.88% for the past year.

In comparing current levels to the 50 day averages, Insteel Industries, Inc.’s stock is 14.21% away from the recent high and 88.93% from the 50-day low. 

EPS and Recommendations

Earnings Per Share (EPS), the portion of a company’s profit distributed to each outstanding common share, is a helpful indicator of a company’s profitability.  EPS is usually considered to be the most important variable in determining a share’s price. Insteel Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:IIIN)’s EPS growth this year is 69.30% and their trailing 12-month EPS is $1.95.  Analysts are estimating the firms growth for next year to be 26.07%.  Analysts on a consensus basis, on a numerical scale 1-5 scale, have an average recommendation of 1.70.

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