VOXX International Unveils Distribution Agreements

VOXX International rose 10% in Wednesday’s afternoon trade after the company detailed several agreements and new products it will be launching in 2017. The company said that it has signed an agreement with Gentex (GNTX) that gives VOXX exclusive distribution rights to Gentex’s new aftermarket Full Display Mirror (FDM). In addition, the agreement allows VOXX to distribute a full complement of Gentex’s automatic-dimming mirrors and related technologies. The FDM is an intelligent rear vision system optimizing the vehicle’s rearward view and consists of a mirror-borne LCD and a custom, Gentex-designed camera engineered specifically for automotive vision. It will be available in Q1 of 2017. VOXX’s subsidiary, VOXX Electronics, will be exclusively distributing the Gentex Aftermarket FDM.  GNTX shares were up 2.5% in recent trading.

VOXX Electronics also said it has entered into a manufacturing and distribution partnership with noLimits Enterprises, entrepreneurs of advanced radar and automatic traffic camera deterrent devices. The partnership expands distribution of the existing noLimits products and opens the door to product integration with other vehicle electronics products in the VOXX portfolio. Under this new agreement VOXX will distribute the NoPhoto Camera Jammer and Radenso XP Radar Detector.

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