Where are Shares Headed Near-Term for Box, Inc. (NYSE:BOX)?

Investors are constantly trying to figure out how to get ahead in the stock market. This is no easy task considering the ever-changing global environment. Picking the right stocks to invest in typically entails diligent research and dedication. Wall Street analysts taken into consideration by Zacks Research have set a consensus target price of $17 on Box, Inc. (NYSE:BOX) shares. This target price may differ from what First Call has compiled for the stock target estimate. Covering Street analysts have the aptitude to calculate target price estimates employing various techniques. Because of this, the targets provided by analysts may greatly differ from one another. The current range of targets using analysts polled by Zacks Research is $12-$21. 

Covering equity analysts may also provide company stock ratings. Sell-side research firms may use different terminology when evaluating whether a stock should be pegged as a Buy, Sell, or Hold. Zacks Research offers an Average Broker Rating on company shares. This rating compiles recommendations from research analysts, and the resulting number resides on a scale between 1 and 5. Presently, Box, Inc. has an ABR of 1.89. Following this rating scale, a score of 1 would represent a Strong Buy, and a score of 5 would indicate a Strong Sell. The average broker rating helps provide investors with a general feel of analyst sentiment on the stock.

Wall Street analysts are typically extra busy during earnings season. Prior to earnings, they are trying to correctly predict what a specific company will report. After earnings, they may be busy sifting through the earnings report and updating future company projections. Sell-side equity analysts are currently looking for the company to report quarterly EPS of $-0.35. Most recently, the company reported a quarterly earnings per share actual that landed $0.08 away from what polled analysts were anticipating. This created a suprise factor of 21.62%. On or around 2016-11-30 is when the company is expected to next post earnings results.

The data in this report is in part provided by Zacks Research and Yahoo Finance.  The author does not have, nor plans to take any position in Box, Inc. shares within the next 14 days.  Readers should not consider this as a recommendation to buy or sell company stock.  This piece is for informational purposes only.  Potentialy investors should always conduct full research before making investment decisions. 

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