Christchurch swimmers backed up after huge demand for new pool

Huge numbers of people wanting to use Christchurch‘s new QE2 sports complex have resulted in delays for some swimmers.

Christchurch‘s new Taiora QE2 sports centre, which opened on 31 May, 2018. Photo: RNZ/Logan Church

The Canterbury earthquakes

A reopened last Thursday on the same site.

Schools in particular welcomed the opening, after having to pay higher transport costs to get their students to pools for lessons since the quakes.

Christchurch City Council operations manager Nigel Cox said by lunchtime yesterday there were so many people that staff had to restrict numbers in the pools and implement a one-in-one-out policy.

“The number of people going through has been a really big challenge but staff have handled that very well, handing our numbers and letting people wait in the foyer until they can go into the pool,” he said.

Mr Cox said he expected there to be a large turnout – about 14,000 people at last count – for the opening weekend.

“I‘m not surprised by it considering just how important this facility is to that side of the city and all of Christchurch.”

The opening gave staff a chance to identify possible improvements,” Mr Cox said.

“That many people going through the pool has given the equipment a good test.

“There are small-to-minor things we can tweak like another set of lockers, but on the whole I think we have got the facility pretty much right.”

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